how to request a transcript



students enrolled in the fall 2020 semester, please note any transcript requests as of november 24th will not be processed until december 14th to ensure that the requested transcript includes all final grades, cumulative grade point averages, and any degrees awarded.


please note requests for electronically delivered transcripts (pdf) must be submitted through transcriptsplus®.

to request your transcript using transcriptsplus®, click on the icon link below:


 Transcripts Plus

students who have attended southeastern louisiana university are entitled to an official transcript of the work they have completed, provided they have cleared any and all outstanding accounts with southeastern.  southeastern louisiana university uses transcriptsplus® by credential solutions, llc as its trusted agent for processing online transcript requests. this process is completely secure.  your browser needs to be at a minimum level. 

because federal law requires your signature in order to release your academic records, you will be required to complete a consent form and send it to credential solutions. this consent form is created as part of the account set-up process and your signed copy will remain on file with credential solutions to cover your future southeastern louisiana university transcript requests through transcriptsplus®.

you will pay for your transcript via credit card (visa, mastercard, american express. & Discover). TranscriptsPlus® uses the most current security available to protect your credit card and personal information.

you can check the status of your transcript request at any time by logging on to transcriptsplus® and clicking on the “review past orders” tab. you will also receive email notification of your order status.


the family education rights and privacy act requires the school to have a signed and dated written release before issuing transcripts.


to print an unofficial transcript through leonet, follow these instructions.

on a case by case basis, paper transcripts may be requested using our transcript request form