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Journal Citation Reports

Journal Citation Reports

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Producer: Thomson Reuters

Category: Miscellaneous Reference Sources

Content: Journal Citation Reports (JCR) provides a statistical evaluation of approximately 12,000 scholarly science, technology and social science journals, and compares articles’ cited references. It measures research influence and impact at the journal and category levels and shows the relationship between the citing and cited journals.

Journal Impact Factor
: The journal impact factor is the average number of times articles have been cited in the JCR year from a journal published in the past two years.The Impact Factor is calculated by dividing the number of citations in the JCR year by the total number of articles published in the two previous years. An Impact Factor of 1.0 means that, on average, the articles published one or two years ago have been cited one time. An Impact Factor of 2.5 means that, on average, the articles published one or two years ago have been cited two and a half times. The citing works may be articles published in the same journal. However, most citing works are from different journals, proceedings, or books indexed by Web of Science.

Using Journal Citation Reports Wisely: Citation data are not meant to replace informed peer review. Careful attention should be paid to the many conditions that can influence citation rates.

A Help link is located on the upper corner of the webpage. The Help link includes information on Using Journal Citation Reports Wisely, and link to training videos.
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