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          Great Stories Start Here

          Spotlight Stories are written and published online for the students, faculty and staff of Southeastern Louisiana University. 


          Equal Pay Advocate - Jacqueline TwillieEqual Pay Advocate - Jacqueline Twillie

          12 Mar 2018

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          Public Health Champion - Blen AlemayhuPublic Health Champion - Blen Alemayhu

          18 Sep 2017

          Blen Alemayhu spends her days fighting infectious diseases and hopes to one day fight bioterrorism.…

          Uber Experience - Zachary HarrisonUber Experience - Zachary Harrison

          27 Oct 2017

          Senior Zachary Harrison has a job offer from Uber following his advertising and marketing internship.…

          Real World Ready - Kati MorseReal World Ready - Kati Morse

          28 Aug 2017

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          Sneha Sharma PortraitMy Second Home - Sneha Sharma

          03 Jan 2017


          Chuck Toney PortraitLion For Life - Chuck Toney

          03 Jan 2017

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